- The plasticity of things

- The plasticity of things

By Effie Panagoula

- The plasticity of things


2020- now was a period of major changes and major realisations for most of us and it couldn't have left our works untouched either. It was a period to remember and to hold accountable for many of the changes that are still occurring, both internally and externally. 

A bit about my artistic journey is that my work started to take a more coherent shape in the middle of 2019, during my MA photographic studies, with my very first project to be published online: Inceptive.

After this, I realised that the main subjects I wish to research and explore are mostly around the issues of our own existence, our senses and feelings. It all came to me after the need to understand my own self and the others around me.

How can our senses teach us and guide us through this journey called life ?

An artistic practise is a big journey which will never ever reach a certain or finale destination, and this was one of the biggest realisations coming from the turbulant period of 2020-2022. It was a realisation that allowed me to leave behind any kind of expectation for final results, for final and concrete ideas. I try to focus on the journey, although not always in a successful way and not always with a light heart.

I believe that as long as we allow ourselves to dive into the process of things, of absorbing the essence of experimenting, we can make ourselves a bit more mutable each time; at the end, the road will seem and feel softer, lighter, and with more meaning. 

I feel that it is a whole wide world of connecting the dots of everyday encounters, thoughts and sensations that make one's work, which will never take a real final shape; and maybe that's the beauty of it all. 




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