GRAVITAS is a project that does not narrate. Rather it attempts to describe: the journey of one's transformation to a different state of being, just different, not good or bad. 

It was produced during a time of a major shift in my personal life and it coincided with another shift, which globally made us turn heads to different directions, mostly internally. That of the pandemic.

It was produced in the need for me to reveal, make amends with, understand, accept and even try to explain how this state of accepting one's change feels like.

Symbols have inherently built GRAVITAS; they were used as metaphors that describe the world we live in. Something different from being too raw, or descriptive.They are all wounded but somehow preserve their shape, their energy, their meaning and their strength; being far more interesting, they are filled with history. 

GRAVITAS is a walkthrough to one's never ending transformational journey into becoming or even returning to the simplest state of just being.

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