Exchanges & Returns

You may return a product within 14 days from receipt. If you are returning an item you should complete the Return Form you can download here.
in order to inform us why you wish to return the item as well as the manner in which we can best serve you.

The Return Form offers you the following options

  1. A) Exchange. We will do our best to exchange the returned product whether this was defective, or if you received the wrong code (Choice: Exchange on the Return Form). For the best service, we advise that within 24 hours from receipt, you inform us on your wish to exchange the product, by completing the special form

Note: In the case exchange is not possible due to lack of availability for the requested item, we will contact you offering you the choices B and C.

  1. B) Refund to your chosen bank account through which you paid or the credit card you charged, within 30 calendar days from the receipt of the returned product. (Choice: Refund on the Return Form)
  2. C) Credit of the value of the returned item in order to use it during your next purchase. The amount will be credited within three days from the receipt of the returned item to our warehouse). (Choice Credit on the Return Form)

In case you want to return the products purchased, the address to which they must be sent back to the products is:

Efstathia Panagoula 

Panoramatos Street 86, Panorama 55236, Thessaloniki.

 Tel. 00306937352313 

Contact Email :

Note: If the reason you return the product is the company’s fault we undertake the cost of returning the product and send it back to the address you have specified for the receipt of the order at our expense. If the consumer wishes to return the order, without any fault of then the consumer himself undertakes the cost of returning the product.

From the time you send the product, we cannot guarantee the exact time of the returned products. After we receive the products, we will immediately examine your request and notify you via email on the actions taken.

We want to offer the best possible service that gives you the right to make any complaint by mailing us at, by calling us at Tel. 00306937352313 or by filling out our contact form found here.