GRAVITAS is a body of work where I am exploring my inner landscape; as a way to translate, accept, get closer, reveal, heal, and transform.It was produced during a time of a major shift in my personal life and it coincided with another shift, which globally made us turn heads to different directions, mostly internally.

That of the pandemic.

There is a whole universe that is composed of our parts, which were shaped by past experiences; opening up to this universe it can lead us to great wisdom. 

Using the “form” of black, as the base and a way to symbolise the gravitational forces that shape our reality, along with various elements (egg, feather etc)  I am in a constant dialogue with my inner self by performing in front of the camera. The elements which symbolically carry different but also common meanings, are used as an anchor and a point of reference when I am trying to open a dialogue with the subconscious.